Saturday, 14 April 2007

Sleepwalker with Frost

Another interactive post on the blog. This time because I really like the video from Aggie Peterson aka Frost. Aggie is the grandaughter of Herta Grøndal, who photographed Svalbard in the pioner era when coal mining was the only way of life in Longyearbyen. In this music video you see footage captured in the sixties. You see historic events like when the first plane landed on the permafrost runway in Adventdalen. Aggie Peterson is from Tromsø, Norway.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Where the hell is Matt?

Last year I met Matt on a trip to Antarctica on one of his travels to shoot dancing. I immediately fell for his concept and offered to be the man behind the camera. I did the footage of the two Antarctic sequences. I challenged Matt to come up to the Arctic and I would film him dancing on a lonley iceflake in the Arctic Ocean (Matt; if you read this...). Perhaps you could dance away global warming... This is one of the most viewed on You Tube. Enjoy!