Monday, 17 April 2006

Easter Holiday; Telemark skiing in Lyngsalpene

Weather has been perfect this Easter. The mountains around Tromsø have invited to skiing trips. On this occasion, my friend: Aslak Prestbakmo and I went to Lyngsalpene and a mountain called Sofiatinden. Sofiatinden is one of then easy accessible mountains on the 85 km long penninsula called Lyngen. There are more than 30 summits higher than 1500 meters (4500 ft) a.s.l. It is challenging alpine terrain and no lifts what so ever to take you to the tops. The pristine Lyngenalpene (Lyngen Alps) is partly protected (two-thirds of the total land area) from future installations and infrastructure. This makes Lyngsalpene one of the most interesting places in Northern Norway for outdoor activity, especially for those who look for challenges in steep skiing and climbing. The pictures should talk for themselves, on this day we found Nirvana less than one hour from where I live in Tromsø (35 min. driving + 15 min. ferry + 5 min driving again…) (All pictures is of Aslak Prestbakmo and shot by me, Jørn Henriksen)